Today, Glenn Beck made Fox news Channel the ‘happy hour’ at 5pm. Maybe the ‘Miracle Hour’ would be even more appropriate. Glenn Beck was in Wilmington, Ohio since late last night and televised from an auditorium there today. Prior to 2008, Wilmington, OH had been a prosperous town, even made the Forbes list. But the community of 12,000 people got a left-hook in the jaw when DHL closed their shipping center, putting some 9,000 people in the area out of work. Since then, Clinton County has had the worst unemployment in the state of Ohio, if not the nation. ’60 Minutes’ did a segment about the tragedy and despair in Wilmington, OH, last year. But in typical Glenn-Beck-fashion, we learn once again that everything we think we know is wrong!

Conservative radio and Fox News Channel television host Glenn Beck spoke to a crowd of thousands at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on September 20, 2010. Among them were the Chicago Tea Party Patriots, an organization who states its goal is educate the public and promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets. Other speakers included former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, Congressman Aaron Schock, and Tea Party leader Herman Cain. Kevin Chalfant, former lead singer for 1980s rock band Journey, performed his song All for One.  Fame Pictures, Inc

Beck first mentioned Wilmington before Thanksgiving, describing as a role model for the rest of America. Using the Frank Capra film, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ as an example, Glenn describes how the battered town had two choices. Become ‘Pottersville’ or ‘Bedford Falls’. The analogy that one person can make a huge difference in a community being the key factor. In Wilmington, Ohio, Glenn Beck found many, many people who rose to the occasion to help their neighbors, and themselves, survive and prosper.

Glenn begins his monolog on how the Media tends to only tell us bad news, of greed and crime. Good news, about joy and peace, are byproducts of Love, say Beck. He tells us how his favorite Rabbi, Daniel Lapin, is teaching him Hebrew, and that the word for ‘love’ in Hebrew is derived from the term ‘I Give’. Love is giving. Pretty happy stuff, huh?

Beck wants us to work with love, to be givers, not takers. He wants us to ‘Believe in Miracles’ and work to make them happen. Glenn tells us how in the past, while doing book signings at a Barnes & Noble, he would always look people in the eyes and most, about 70% would turn away quickly. But today, he said nobody is turning away. America is awake and aware.

We have two choices, say Beck. Become like ‘Europe with deodorant’ or like Wilmington, OH, a community where miracles do happen. Since arriving at 11pm on Tuesday, Glenn Beck says he has seen four miracles himself already. The first three may seem dubious as ‘miracles’, but they are still examples of honesty and goodness.

First, Glenn may have seen an extra miracle when he arrived at the local Generations Pizza. Open well past it’s normal closing hours, of the 120 customers, over one hundred were from out of town. Many from California, all inspired to visit, and spend money, in Wilmington because of Beck’s mention on TV. He then later met with the owner of the General Denver Hotel, who old Glenn how she, a nurse, and her firefighter husband, got the hotel from the owner with no money down and just a handshake for a contract some seven years ago.

Later, Beck meets two ‘Liberal’ bloggers from who came out to support Glenn’s appearance, putting aside any politics for one day to help their own community. He then met a man who told Beck that this was the first Christmas he was celebrating since the death of his wife some four years ago. He was inspired to move his life forward. Then Glenn meets Todd Rainey, the most recent business owner to relocate into Wilmington. His business was completely lost in a fire, but immediately, local churches came to help him. One put Todd in contact with a building owner in Wilmington, who let Rainey move in immediately with no money down and a handshake for a contract. Turns out the building owner had been through the same experience 26 years ago so he understood and wanted to help Todd.

Miracle #4, or 6 if you’re counting, is probably the best one. It’s about coincidences. Earlier in the afternoon, Beck met a large number of locals in a noisy hall. Greeted by a family of three, who’s young son was deaf, Glenn tried to talk to the child but he could not hear. His mother said that even with hearing aids in both ears, he only had about 30% hearing. As it turns out, Glenn had recently met two inventors during a plane flight. They have developed a new type of hearing aid. Glenn Beck promised to hook them up and would do all he could to help the young boy, Tyler, hear again. Needless to say, the tears were flowing from Beck. at this point.

So today was the Glenn Beck Christmas Miracle live from Wilmington, Ohio. This is why the Fox News Channel made such a good decision is snagging Beck up quickly after leaving CNN. I doubt if CNN would have given Glenn the latitude to do a show like the one he has now. It’s a wonderful life, Glenn Beck!

1946:  American actor James Stewart (1908 - 1997) as George Bailey, hugs actor Karolyn Grimes, who plays Zuzu his daughter, in a still from director Frank Capra's Christmas classic film, 'It's a Wonderful Life'.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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