German doctors treating a leukemia may have stumbled upon the most sought-after remedy of the 21st century with a routine selective adult stem cell transplant: a cure for HIV. But others are saying the lucky find may be too risky to implement as a standard procedure. Get the full story, plus pictures and video below!

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Using the rather risky procedure to treat American-born Timothy Ray Brown’s advanced leukemia, German doctors quickly realized that the patient’s Human immunodeficiency virus count was decreasing rapidly after the treatment. Now, cured of both cancer and the precursor to AIDS, Mr. Brown is the center of attention for doctors worldwide.

“Our results strongly suggest that cure of HIV has been achieved in this patient,” said the German doctors.

Doctors found that the donor cells for Mr. Brown’s therapy contained a rare gene mutation that made them naturally resistant to the immunodeficiency virus. Now, free from anti-viral drugs for three years and still showing no viral count, the doctors are hailing the selective adult stem cell transplant as a cure for HIV. But Dr. Michael Saag, professor of medicine and director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham AIDS Center disagrees with the positive outlook for the treatment.

“This probably is a cure, but it comes at a bit of a price,” he says. “For him to receive the donor cells, his body had to have all of his immune system wiped out. The Catch-22 here is that the best candidates for a cure, ideally, are people who are healthy.”

What’s more, with the quality of life that can be expected for a well-medicated HIV-positive patient, the risk may not be worth the reward when it comes to this treatment.

“This patient is trading one poison for another. He may not have to be on antiretroviral drugs anymore, but he has to take immunosuppressant drugs now to prevent the rejection of his transplant cells. Again, what this is, is an interesting proof of concept, but it’s absolutely impractical.”

Still, the realization of a cure, no matter how impractical, is a huge victory in this field of research, and proves that experts are getting ever closer to a more functional remedy for the terminal disease. What do you think of the use of an adult stem cell transplant as a cure for HIV? Would the risks be worth the reward? Let me know in the comment section after you check out the pictures and video on this amazing discovery below!

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Photos:, Vince Maher, Nikki Nelson, PNP, FayesVision