Islamic Sharia Law horror caught on tape as a Sudan flogging video has surfaced showing an unidentified woman being “punished” in public. The woman is seen screaming and begging for mercy as police officers laugh and carry out her sentence of 50 lashes. You can see the video below, but be warned, it’s very graphic and not recommended for younger viewers.

the flag of Sudan

The video has prompted an investigation by the Sudanese judiciary. One can only speculate as to the fairness under which this investigation will be carried out. My guess is it will be anything but impartial. A governor in Sudan reportedly said that the woman’s punishment was legal under Sharia Law, the only violation committed was in the way that the sentence was carried out.

Under Sharia Law, a woman can be flogged for a myriad of reasons up to and including wearing the wrong type of clothing in public. Lubna Hussein, a U.N. employee, was sentenced to 40 lashes in 2009 for wearing blue jeans in public. Her sentence was later commuted to a $200 fine.

The Sudan flogging video shows the tremendous disconnect between what is just, right, and good and what is for lack of a better term, barbaric. The horror of Sharia Law is one of the great ignored travesty’s that still takes place in the Islamic world. But hey, let’s just try to understand them, shall we?