Paco Villa’s excellent post about the religious retreat and combat training center in the Catskills jogged OSAPian’s memory concerning an affiliated fortress much closer to home.

Nestled in low Sierra Nevada Mountain Range isolation near the Fresno-Tulare County line is another progressive Muslim community.

Firebase Baladullah is home to one of the Fat Sheikh’s International Qur’anic Open University campuses. It is a strange religious institution given the barbed wire and guard shacks surrounding the compound, its gun ranges, bomb detonation pits and landing strip.

Thanks to useful idiots at the Fresno Unified School District, Baladullah was the site of a taxpayer funded charter academy on the day Deputy Sheriff Eric Telen was murdered by a resident three weeks before 9/11.

Another Baladullah homesteader — the son of an “elder” there — was arrested by federal authorities for smuggling weapons into New York.

What does any of this have to do with California’s prison and parole service? Well, according to this WorldNetDaily investigative report, Al-Fugra spends a lot of time recruiting prisoners and a large number of its converts are ex cons.

For all we know, the same CDCR that still refuses to provide information to staff about the JIS terrorists in our prisons, or take any measures to identify and control them before they are released, is allowing unsuspecting parole officers to approve travel passes for the felons they supervise to attend peace conferences at Baladullah, or other encampments just like it.

And we know any “graduate” of the open university fully meets the MQs for employment with CDCR as a prison chaplain provided the imam of his bunker certifies him to be in good standing with the Islamic community.

Cross posted with minor editions from California’s link to Islamic multiculturalists at Paco Villa’s CCPOA blog.