This past Sunday, ’60 Minutes’ had Lesley Stahl interviewing left John Boehner crying on camera. This is not the first time for Boehner crying on national television. The night of the mid-term elections, a joyful John Boehner crying about the opportunities in America thanks to our freedoms was touching. That fostering the ‘American Dream’ is worthy of emotion. But, needless to say, the Far-Left loons of the Progressive movement have gone on the attack. Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post wrote yesterday a rather critical piece, more or less condemning Boehner’s crying as insincere. This is typical of the Left’s reaction to such sentiments which many would describe as ‘patriotism’.

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 01: House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) talks with reporters after meeting with Republican governors-elect at the U.S. Capitol December 1, 2010 in Washington, DC. Boehner and the GOP leaders talked about ways to create jobs, cut spending and ways to repeal the health care law. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The fact that ideals like free enterprise and liberty would bring tears to a grown man is well beyond the scope of Progressives. They only get teary-eyed when Starbucks raises the price on their latte. But genuine feelings about what is good in America do not qualify for such emotions by the Leftist Socialists.

Instead, they ridicule John Boehner crying or Glenn Beck crying as if to say, ‘these people are crazy for thinking that America is a force for good in the world’. Progressives think the exact opposite, that America is bad. That we should be more like France or Iran. But I have to wonder just how far the likes of Jonathan Capehart or Mika Brzeznski would go in such places? How would they react to the French government banning burqas or deporting Romanians? Or Iran stoning women and executing homosexuals?

No, the Liberal-Progressive movers and shakers would not last long. While they might slide along on bashing America, their own degenerate attitudes and behavior would eventually send them to the gallows. John Boehner crying about the American Dream is about as honest as it gets, and it only gets that honest here, in America. I’m sure Lesley Stahl at ’60 Minutes’ thought she had a winner of a video to circulate among her pals in the Lame Street Media. Something they could put in their pipes and bongs to celebrate the corniness of real, fly-over America. But while that attitude may persist on the Georgetown, San Francisco or Manhattan cocktail party circuit, all one need do is look at a map and see that most of America is ‘center-right’ and still believes in traditional values.

Sept. 16, 2010 - Austin, Texas, U.S. - The LBJ Presidential Library and Museum and The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History present ''An Evening With Morley Safer and Lesley Stahl'' at LBJ auditorium - University of Texas at Austin in Texas 09-16-2010. K65790JN.LESLEY STAHL. © Red Carpet Pictures

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