There’s a new website being created by former WikiLeaks employee and Julian Assange’s right-hand man Daniel Domscheit-Berg. OpenLeaks’ website launch, set for this week, is being promoted as the next evolutionary step in classified document publishing. Get the full story, plus pictures and video below!

UNSPECIFIED - DECEMBER 6: A detail from the Interpol website showing the appeal for the arrest of the editor-in-chief of the Wikileaks whistleblowing website, Julian Assange on December 6, 2010. Assange who has spearheaded the release of thousands of sensitive diplomatic cables through Wikileaks is wanted in Sweden on rape charges against two women, and is currently in hiding. (Photo by Getty Images)

Currently under duress from several nations and an army of hackers attempting to shut it down, WikiLeaks has proven that it’s using the wrong model to safely spread top-secret data according to the new website founder. Assange’s former protege says his new site will use a different model, and basically enable users to unanimously publish classified data themselves.

“We felt that Wikileaks was developing in the wrong direction,” he told BBC News. “There’s too much concentration of power in one organization; too much responsibility; too many bottlenecks; too many resource constraints.One of the main issues we see with Wikileaks today is that it has become too much about the project. It has become too much about self-promoting the project and self-promoting people involved with the project which is rather distracting from the content of the documents.”

For Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the OpenLeaks website launch is a chance to start from scratch, and re-focus on his initial goal of promoting information transparency. He says the main difference introduced by his site is that moderators will not be in charge of what can or should be published. He will leave truth-verification to newspapers and governments, and merely allow users to disseminate classified material risk-free.

“[Openleaks] aims to provide the technological means to organisations and other entities around the world to be able to accept anonymous submissions in the forms of documents or other information,” he said. “If you choose not to publish it, many other parties will receive the document – and we are pretty sure that one of them will publish it.”

While Assange’s WikiLeaks has proven to be a serious threat due to the kind of information it’s moderators have cleared for publication, some think the new project could be even worse. With absolutely no control over what is published, the new site could put even more lives at risk. What do you think of the new website by Daniel Domscheit-Berg? OpenLeaks website launch is set for the coming weeks; do you think it will garner enough credibility to make an impact? Or has WikiLeaks already cornered the market? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section after you check out pictures and video on the story below!

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