Right Pundits is embarking on a very ambitious project to interview the incoming GOP Freshman Class of 2011. Our goal is to interview all of these newly elected representatives over the next three months.

Our editors believe that these men and women have an important perspective and story to tell. They were part of a historic Republican election sweep after all.

But more importantly the new congressmen and women are acutely aware of the issues facing the country at this very moment in time, a period in which prolonged domestic economic turmoil and long wars are trying the patience and bank accounts of the American people while the policy makers are squared off in ever more partisan corners.

During the campaign, these new House members faced the voters’ wrath in town-hall meetings, faced-off with (mostly) Democratic incumbents in debates, and won the hard-fought trust of concerned voters in their district who decided to test drive them in Washington DC. They more than anyone else, as compared with long-time GOP or Democratic incumbents, know what is on the voters’ minds right now.

Three brief examples:

As incoming Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of North Carolina framed the mandate of this new class,

“I was a little leery before heading to Washington a couple of weeks ago. I wondered how the leadership would welcome us. With what we hear in media reports about their resistance to the new members, especially anyone associated with the Tea Party. I found that just the opposite was true. They realize that there are strength in numbers and that we are united coming in. We are a force that will work with them to promote common-sense conservative values and good legislation.”

Meanwhile, Congressman-elect Blake Farenthold of Texas casts the GOP’s mandate in broad terms:

“The freshman class that I’m in was elected because most people were upset and disappointed and want a different kind of change. Actually, the House right now is the conscience of the government and the brightest reflection of the public’s will.”

Representative-elect Jeff Landry of Lousiana sees the GOP Freshman class driven with common goals that cross traditional geopolitical boundaries:

“I think that the new Republican majority in the House is going to have a tremendous impact. I believe that this freshman class is a very unique class. I personally have never observed a group of people, this large, that is moving in unison.”

As publisher of Right Pundits I’d like to personally thank our editors who agreed to facilitate this important project. You will see their interviews published on the homepage in the next few weeks and archived here for posterity.

Secondly we simply must thank the GOP Congressmen and Congresswomen who recognize the importance of sharing their perspective with our readers and the public. As they suffer a frisking from our editors, we are finding that many are Tea Party backed and Tea Party friendly with a refreshing focus on fiscal discipline. You will find the list of 87 Republican freshmen here.

If there is a common thread in the interviews we have conducted so far, all of the new Representatives are dually focused on doing the business of their districts while simultaneously recognizing an urgent national calling to solve the nation’s problems regardless of their local interests. They are a very impressive bunch.

To our readers: If you have a particular Representative-elect you want to hear from sooner rather than later, please leave a comment and we will try to accommodate within their busy schedules and the ability of our editors to make it happen.

Patrick McCain