Current RNC Chairman Michael Steele wants a second term to lead a GOP that is currently on the rise. Steele announced tonight that he wouldn’t step aside quietly but that he would whole heartedly pursue another term as the Republican National Committee Chairman.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele speaks during a Republican National Committee get-out-the vote rally in Anaheim, California on October 16, 2010. Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and Steele held the rally to raise money for the RNC. Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and Senate candidate Carly Fiorina were not among Palin's so-called Mama Grizzlies on hand for the rally.  UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

Steele said in a conference call to RNC members that the elephant has begun to turn. He also acknowledged his shortcomings in the past but vowed to work even harder going toward the 2012 presidential election.

Michael Steele has been somewhat of an enigma since running for Senate in 2006. He had the backing of most Republicans and Conservatives in that failed attempt and since becoming RNC Chair there have been, perhaps unfairly, huge expectations laid on his shoulders.

Steele at times has shouldered much of the blame for Republican missteps for the last four years. Now, the GOP is on the rise again and Steele is still a favorite target among the conservative base of the Republican party.

It’s hard to say whether or not Michael Steele’s run for RNC chair will be successful this time around. Many have called for his resignation and still many more had hoped he wouldn’t seek a second term. Michael Steele seems determined that he can indeed keep the GOP headed in the right direction.

Tell us what you think about Michael Steele seeking a second term as RNC chair. Will it have any impact on the current momentum the GOP is enjoying? Does it even really matter who the RNC chair is? Should Republicans look for someone more favorable to the Tea Party or will the establishment win the day?