With 2010 coming to an end, what can we expect for 2011? For thousands of years, leaders of nations, empires, religions, and even modern businesses, have consulted with astrologers, psychics and other seers. All seeking insights and advantages of the future. So I thought it might be a good idea to seek a little consulting myself. Two very good members of the team at PsychicCosmos.com agreed to share their predictions for 2011 with you, and myself. Lou Smith and Kit Karson offer their insights on what we can expect next year.

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 10:  A Tarot card showing the 'Death' figure is seen in a Tarot shop October 10, 2002 in New York City. A similar Tarot card was found near the scene of a Maryland sniper attack where a 13-year-old boy was critically wounded October 7. The Washington, DC-area sniper, who has killed six people and wounded two in the last week, has yet to be caught.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

So, my first question to both is what does 2011 hold for us? Economy, National and world events? Lou starts off saying “2011 is going to be a time of upheaval, revelations and confrontations – both from a national and international perspective. In mathematics, there is a construct known as Chaos Theory. Briefly, it states that changes on a micro level can and do have an impact on how a dynamic system functions making a true prediction impossible. 2011 is much like that – there is so much opportunity for surprise, innuendo and misunderstanding in the coming months that the ultimate picture may be changed a thousand times over.

“But, even before the calendar page turns, we must first look at the prelude – December, which will set the tone for the months ahead.” Lou then explains “The last of the four Mercury retrogrades of 2010 starts on December 10th. This one, while only lasting until December 30th, is going to have a powerful impact on the world at large – especially since the Messenger (Mercury) will also be in conjunction with both Pluto and Mars during that time. We have already started to see some of the early effects with the uproar around WikiLeaks ‘cablegate’ releases. The promised release of documents from a major financial institution could have a strong impact on a shaky financial world. Misunderstanding will lead to anger and impulsiveness, mixed messages can misdirect.”

When asked the same question, Kit filled in the details with some specifics. She says of 2011 “The stock market should, over all, do fairly well next year with typical seasonal swings putting people who had lost so much in the last several years, back into more positive territory. Housing will continue to decline with prices falling further as more foreclosures become the norm. The public will become more aware of the business in their own communities closing leaving empty buildings all over the USA. Unemployment will continue to grow and the job market will not improve, despite what the government may tell us. It will be one lie after another as we head toward election year in 2012.

“If you are an investor, natural gas should do well in January and February. If you are a consumer, be prepared to pay much higher prices over the winter. Heating oil will also be expensive during this time. The days of cheap oil are about over and we will see it at the gas pumps sooner rather than later. Anyone who shops and eats will realize inflation is on the rise, things will cost a lot more and everyone will feel it.” In addition to groceries costing more, Kit also sees people selling off their personal jewelry and such as gold and silver prices continue to reach new highs, for example, Kit predicts that gold will reach $1,500 an ounce in 2011. Kit also warns “There will be more rioting in the streets around the world as governments will be forced to slash more wages and jobs. Food shortages will be in the news.

I then asked both if there was any particular periods next year that we should exercise extra caution? Both agree that we will be facing many ‘Pluto problems’ in 2011. Lou tells us that “Yes, I beieve the first three-four months of 2011 could set the tone for much of the year. Less than a month after the first conjunction between Mercury and Pluto, it happens again in mid-January. This will be a time when much of the ‘shadow-side’ of things will be revealed – a possible political scandal is in the offing as well as a major international event.

“The Plutonian Effect is going to be a major player in events of 2011. Going retrograde itself on April 3rd, right in the middle of the Mercury retrograde which starts March 30th, it stays in reversal until September 16th. The word ‘intensity’ would be the hallmark of the five months of the dark planet’s journey backwards. Another ‘hotspot’ is the Uranus retrograde that begins July 9th and carries through to December 9th. This is the textbook aspect for the phrase ‘expect the unexpected’. Trust in all institutions is going to take a hit during this time, and many of us will be left wondering where we fit in?”

Kit agrees with Lou that Pluto will be a source of concern through much of the year. She says “With the planet Pluto running the show, change has begun whether we like it or not. For those in high places who thought their secrets were safe, they will find themselves exposed and there will be many legal dealings in 2011. The old saying ‘You can run but you cannot hide’ gives 2011 a new meaning. I feel there will be a major train/subway wreck in the USA which many will suspect is terror related, which may not be far from the truth.”

As for politics in 2011, both Lou and Kit agree that we could see scandal, perhaps even a resignation of a significant player. Lou says “One, perhaps two, major scandals are going to rock our governmental foundations. We are liable to actually see ‘the wizard behind the curtain’.” Lou also sees some prominent females in politics will play a key role. He cautions the second Mercury retrograde, beginning on August 2nd, as a period where messages and communications must be carefully considered for their true meaning. Kit says that both Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee will definitely be announcing their presidential runs in 2011. She even suggest that they may wind up being the GOP ticket for 2012.

Whether you believe in astrology or psychics, the insights that such mediums provide for 2011 are interesting. This business of ‘Pluto problems’ does have a pretty decent track record as far as accuracy goes. Probably the scariest time may be during August and September when Pluto, Uranus and Mercury are all in retrograde. I wouldn’t want to leave my bunker during then! Thanks again to Lou and Kit from PsychicCosmos.com for providing us with their predictions for 2011.

circa 1850:  The astrological sign Scorpio, the Slanderer prepares to stab a man in the back as he reads aloud to his ladyfriend. The scorpion's tale represents 'slander' and 'the deadly lie' and the caption beneath reads 'I could a tale unfold'. Original Artist: By George Cruikshank.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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