In one of the most bizarre Presidential moments witnessed on live-television, Barack Obama basically abdicated his presidential duties to former President Bill Clinton. More important than discussing the economy and the severe problems facing the world was a Christmas party Obama was supposed to attend. Even more important than that, the President of the United States had to put the economic security of The People of the nation he allegedly leads on hold because he had kept his First Lady, Michelle Obama, waiting for 30-minutes. Scary that. Watch the Obama Clinton press conference video below because you can’t believe it without seeing it with your own eyes.

Bill Clinton portrait Barack Obama portrait 2298

When you are out of your depth, you are out of your depth and one has to give credit where credit is due, apparently Barack Obama knew he was out of his depth when he called in The Big Dog for help. After a private meeting in the Oval Office with Bill Clinton, Obama and Clinton went looking for members of the press to talk to. Astonishingly, Obama turned the presser over to Bill Clinton to handle and left. He left. I. Am. Not. Kidding. You can see if for yourself in the video below.

Apparently, this impromptu press conference came as a surprise to everyone, including the White House staff. Former President Clinton seemed a little surprised himself when he was left alone at the podium while Obama took off to do what he does a tad better than answering questions. That would be partying (when he’s not vacationing or golfing). When Obama announced that he was turning the press conference over to the more capable and experienced hands of his predecessor, Clinton said he already felt a little awkward in the situation and more so by the fact that Obama was leaving him there by himself. The hint was obviously to anyone listening, except perhaps Obama who left anyway.

Very bad optics, indeed.

The Obama abdication has been popular on Twitter:

The Anchoress declares this the best tweet on the matter.

On the plus side, if you went into a coma in 1998 and are waking up today, this image is pretty comforting.

And this one:

Fed up with Obama, the WH press corps just voted unanimously to follow Clinton around again.

Even the Left-Wing Media sees the Obama Clinton press conference as awkward. Probably because it was and is.

From the events today, it appears that Bubba Bill Clinton has taken over the Presidency. This picture speaks volumes.

For all intents and purposes it does appear that Obama really is not up to the job. It looks like he couldn’t handle the heat so he got out of the press room and went to a party.

You can watch the bizarre Obama Clinton press conference video below.