As many of you know the most recent round of UN talks regarding “global warming” or climate change has been held in Cancun recently. First let me say that God certainly has a sense of humor because every time one of these conferences is held or Al Gore shows up there is an inevitable cold snap. This year they thought for sure they would beat that rap by holding it in Cancun, but sadly Cancun is experiencing the coldest weather in 100 years!

Oct. 31, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Smoke laden trails in the skys in many countries around the world now. NASA and the Governments calling them nothing more than Contrails, Ice Crystals forming above a certain height due to aircraft exhaust, however for Ice Crystals to form the Aircraft has to be above 30,000 feet. The planes that are crop dusting are air are well below that level. Many tests have been made to the air, water, Ice on Mount Shasta in Califronia for example all containing extremely higher levels of excepted Toxicity such as Barium, Aluminum and many other chemical additives including Micro Organisims, Bacterium and white Blood cells causing Respiratory Ailments and a Weakening of the Immune system along with a Horrific new disease being linked to Chemtrails called Morgellons which is still not accepted by most of the Medical Community, however the CDC is now investigating and Microbiologists and Scientists are now proving to the medical community the actuality of this disease which is reported to have affected over 10,000 people in the USA and many thousands more across Europe and the rest of the world. The UN as of 30 October 2010 have now confimed the existence of Chemtrails by banning them in a meeting held in Japan. The Operation known by a few called Operation Cloverleaf a USA miliatary operation is said by some to be a bigger picture plan for the over population of the earth and for the earth to sustain its population it must be reduced. However the bacteria being sprayed on a daily basis is contaminating the Oceans the Land, the Trees, our Crops our Food, and is why the Bee and Bat Population is being decimated and could be a reason why many fish and whales wash up on many shores. The only way to stop this must be a Public Awareness of this crime against civilization and by getting the word out, which will be helped by the new movie release of 'What in the World are they Spraying' by Michael J Murphy, Directed by Paul Wittenberger,

However funny that is, some of the topics discussed down in Cancun are disturbing to say the least. First, let’s realize that this past year has been a pretty bad one for those who champion man made global warming. There have been numerous stories of research mistakes and outright fiddling with numbers. The “deniers” have made a much stronger case that the jury is still out and more research needs to be done about what exactly man’s role in the climate is, etc.

The global warmists realize this and many of them are discouraged that the U.S. government in particular has not signed onto any emission reduction treaties, etc. So, it seems that they are thinking about taking matters into their own hands. How are they going to do this? Geoengineering! What exactly is geoengineering? Essentially this involves screwing around with the atmosphere, planting various flora and filling oceans with gas eating plankton.

The one that has really caught my attention regards plans to emit various kinds of debris into the atmosphere in order to combat global warming. The thought is that by ejecting various materials such as aluminum and barium into the atmosphere we can control the weather and reflect sun back out of the atmosphere. My sentiments echo Slivia Ribeiro, an attendee in Cancun, who said such options are “…risky, [and] dangerous”. We just don’t know the consequences of such manipulations and not only could there be unforeseen events, we don’t even know if it would help at all.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this is that there is plenty of evidence that this kind of geoengineering may already be happening without our knowledge or consent. Have you ever noticed the trails of smoke left by jet planes, sometimes called “contrails” or condensation trails? Most of the time that is exactly what these are, however there does seem to be evidence of something more sinister going on. The conspiracy guys call these “chem-trails” or “Persistant Jet Contrails”. There is a growing number of folks who believe that the government is already dumping various chemicals into the atmosphere as they are experimenting with climate control and the military implications of such power. Indeed, if you read through the Airforces 2025 plan (which is essentially a report regarding the future of the Airforce) it’s very clear that the government is looking to use weather as a weapon. Imagine how effective it might be if there is some would-be dictator out there and our military says either give into us or will send along a nice draught, it could be a powerful weapon indeed.

The below video is an interesting one that discusses and shows evidence of these persistant contrails. The video is of Rosalind Peterson who has a lot of credibility and talks about the “cover-up” of chemtrails. She has carefully documented her finding and discussing some of the military aspects of these persistent jet contrails. Pay particular attention to her discussion of credibility and the importance of terminology. The guys over at No Agenda (a great podcast) have some more takes on this whole phenomenon.