The late lead singer of The Doors has been pardoned. Jim Morrison was convicted 40 years ago of indecent exposure at a concert in Miami; he never served time and the case was never fully resolved. Morrison moved to Paris and died in his bathtub at the age of 27 before that could happen.

Jim Morrison (1943 - 1971), lead singer for the rock band The Doors, performs onstage, circa 1970. (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Surprisingly, Morrison found an advocate within the last few years in Florida Governor Charlie Crist who took up his cause in 2007. Crist only became aware of the famous “exposure” incident when a Doors fan pleaded with the governor to look into it. He did, and in fact has been a staunch defender of Morrison’s actions that night in Miami.

Surviving members of The Doors feel like Jim Morrison’s pardon is warranted because they say he never actually exposed himself on stage as some witnesses to the 1969 event say he did. Others, like Morrison’s self proclaimed pagan wife Patricia Kennealy Morrison, say that a pardon doesn’t go far enough. She says that Jim Morrison’s pardon for indecent exposure is nothing but a cheap political ploy.

There never really was any real proof that Morrison exposed himself that night in Miami. No definitive proof that is; only eyewitness accounts. The other three band members acknowledged that Morrison at times could be over the top in his live performances but say that he didn’t expose himself on stage that night. To this day they still claim his innocence.

For Charlie Crist, who leaves office in January, he may no longer be remembered as the guy who left his party seeking higher political office. He’ll now be remembered as the man who petitioned Florida’s clemency board for Jim Morrison’s pardon of indecent exposure charges. Which would you most want to be remembered for?