Having established himself as one of the truly, truly, interesting characters ever to run for political office, Basil Marceaux’s Christmas video with his song Come Christmas assures us that his 15 minutes are not up yet. At least until the holidays are over. You can check out the video below; it is exactly how you’d expect it to be; only a little creepier.

Marceaux crashed onto the scene with this video here. He was introduced to everyone when he decided to run for Governor of Tennessee this past election cycle. He was an instant hit and even made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmell Live. He was of course ridiculed by the left and right throughout the campaign of 2010. But he seems to be taking it rather well. Either that or he was completely oblivious to it.

I say in the spirit of Christmas, watch Basil Marceaux’s Christmas video below, and then go download Come Christmas which is available on iTunes. Is this a great country or what?