I haven’t spent this much time talking about Ted Turner since the mid 80’s when I pulled for his Atlanta Braves. That’s what happens when you get a bunch of wacko environmentalists together I guess. Teddy has a new plan to save the world. Ted Turner’s global one child policy will save us all he says.

LOS ANGELES - OCT 16: Ted Turner, Jane Fonda arrives at the 2010 Environmental Media Awards at Warner Brothers Studios on October 16, 2010 in Burbank, CA Photo via Newscom

Turner was having lunch with another radical on the subject, Brian O’Neill. O’Neill thinks that widespread and easily available family planning, i.e. abortions, would do the trick. Turner went one better. He says that world leaders should institute a one child policy like good old China does; the fewer crumb crunchers running around emitting greenhouse gases the better. Of course China has a one child policy for other reasons besides saving the precious environment. But that’s another story.

The billionaire environmentalist conceded that radical solutions were needed to curb the Earth’s rapid population growth. Ted Turner’s one child policy ought to do it. Turner couldn’t leave it at that either. He went on to say that fertility rights should be sold so poor people could profit from their decision not to reproduce. Kind of like carbon credits except it’s potential children. Does this type of talk scare the carbon emission out of anyone else out there? It does me.

Wasn’t there another group of people who were big into population control back in the 30’s? What were they called? I can’t remember, seems like they originated in Germany. Anyway, Ted Turner’s one child policy would insure that we as a species will make it another 5,000 years. At least Ted seems to think so.

The video below is long, but very interesting.