While in Cancun, lefty billionaire and climate wacko Ted Turner says Obama made a “big mistake” on the climate change bill. Turner explained by saying that Obama chose healthcare over climate change and now we don’t have a comprehensive climate bill that would save the world or something.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 18: United Nations Foundation Founder and Chairman Ted Turner attends the Global Leadership dinner at The Waldorf=Astoria on November 18, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Turner, who despite having the smarts to amass a large fortune, was dumb enough to actually utter these words, “The climate bill is much more important than healthcare because the climate situation is about life and death whereas the healthcare bill is much more limited.”

Even as the climate change, global warming bandwagon becomes less crowded, there are still those like Ted Turner who will never give up on it. But for Ted Turner to say Obama made a “big mistake” by pushing healthcare over climate change is ridiculous.

I agree with Turner that pushing healthcare was a mistake on Obama’s part. Not for the same reasons of course. Obama screwed up because he had so much riding on healthcare and even though it passed, left wingers still aren’t that satisfied with it. The problem with a guy like Obama is he promised way too much and had no intentions of delivering on all his promises. Had he pushed cap and trade, passed it, Ted Turner probably wouldn’t be happy with it, not to mention the lefties who would be crying because there was no healthcare bill.

I know it sounds like I’m taking up for Obama, and in a way I am. Only to the extent that I think a guy like Ted Turner is disingenuous (and crazy) when he talks about the “life and death” aspects of climate change when there are so many more problems that really are life and death. Turner says Obama made a “big mistake” by not passing climate change; I think that’s Turner’s way of saying that America made a “big mistake” by voting for Obama in the first place.