People let me tell you about my best friend:

Both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama seriously jeopardized their chances in the general election by voting “no” on the issue of funding our soldiers in Iraq. It appears that both are trying to join John “Mr. Prell” Edward’s obvious efforts to buy the votes of the far left. This is clearly a panic move by both Obama and Hillary. They should understand that John Edwards is not going to win the nomination no matter how much he bends over for the crazy far left interest groups who think they run the democratic party. In the end, the Democratic party is not going to nominate someone with 0% chance of winning in the general election. I suspect Bill Clinton is so upset that he may actually cancel his date for tonight. Certainly he did not advise Hillary on this issue.

By voting no for funding our troops, both have made it easy to label them as non-supporters of the troops in Iraq. Even though Iraq is a very unpopular war at this time, it is clear that the vast majority of citizens want our troops to get as much support as possible. Still, I think Hillary and Obama will get away with this vote if Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney wind up as the GOP candidate. The country is suffering from George W. Bush fatique and both candidates views are too closely aligned with Bush’s. The country does not want a third term for Bush which is essentially what they will get from Thompson or Romney. The vote will not be a crushing blow to them in that case.

However, if Rudy Giuliani is the nominee (you all knew I was coming to this point) then they are in big trouble. Not only are Rudy’s social views much different from Bush’s but, unlike Hillary or Obama, he has executive experience. He can run as the ultimate outsider while at the same time portraying himself as a worthy commander in chief who can handle a crisis situation. He can separate himself from Bush. Rudy can successfully label them as unpatriotic.

Either way, this will prove to be an error in judgement.