In this topsy-turvy world in which we reside, it’s good to have some things we can be sure of. That’s why we need the Clintons; they were shady when they first entered the national consciousness, and have steadfastly remained so in the intervening score of years. Their latest incursion was provided by our Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 29: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comments on the recent release of some 250,000 classified cables released by Wikileaks at the State Department November 29, 2010 in Washington, DC. Clinton refused to comment on specific reports included in the release of documents but said the disclosure of the sensitve cables was harmful to U.S. foreing policy and that the U.S. would take aggressive steps to hold accountable those responsible for the release. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

As we all recall, Clinton embarked on an ill-fated attempt to secure the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008. Her team tried all the tried and true Clintonian tactics during the extended contest, crying, racial implications, drug allusions, etc., and yet she was unable to get many votes from those who were not yet eligible for Social Security. Eventually, she conceded long after all hope was gone.

But I guess her salary as Secretary of State, and whatever access she has to her husband’s money isn’t enough to maintain them. So, in a respite from her diplomatic duties, she has decided to sell DVDs of her speech to the Democratic National Convention for $50. But, for those die-hard supporters who want to maintain some link to Hillary, she is willing to provide signed copies for the special introductory price of $250.

In an effort to pump up sales, she has sent an e-mail to each of the people who gave money to her presidential race:

Hillary – as always – said it best.

“You never gave in. You never gave up. And together, we made history.

Do you remember Hillary’s speech at the Democratic National Convention? It was an historic moment, one that made all of us proud. If you missed the first opportunity to buy a DVD of her speech, you are in luck. We have a few of our special edition 2008 National Democratic Convention DVDs left, and we want to share them with you.

If you contribute $50 or more today to help retire the last bit of Hillary’s campaign debt, we will send you a DVD with Hillary’s historic speech at the 2008 Denver convention, and the inspiring video that introduced her. That’s not all – it also includes President Clinton’s speech and a special message that Hillary recorded just for you. And, for those of you who want something extra special, you can contribute $250 or more and receive one of our special “signature” DVDs hand-signed by Hillary. We only have 50 “signature” DVDs remaining, so act fast if you’d like one for yourself or for a holiday gift!

Contribute today to receive your commemorative DVD.

In her speech, Hillary said, “You allowed me to become part of your lives. And you became part of mine.” As we all know, campaigns are tough, but having loyal supporters like you helped make Hillary’s campaign one that will never be forgotten. By making a contribution today, you will have your own personal memento of the “determination to keep going, often in the face of enormous obstacles.”

Contribute $50 or more today, you’ll receive a DVD copy of Hillary’s and President Clinton’s convention speeches – a unique piece of history.

Hillary would not be where she is today without your constant support, dedication, and friendship over the years. Because of you, we are so close to retiring her campaign debt once and for all — and we will always be proud that we made history together!

Thank you again.


Hillary Clinton for President

A wonderful thing about the marketplace is that everything can be bought and sold. But I’d love to know what the people who have decided to purchase this item are thinking. If they would just ask their grandkids, they could find the speech for free on the internet.