Antrel Rolle is a football player; a safety for the New York Giants. Normally, I would pay no attention to anything he, or most other football players, says. But this week, in a fit of arrogance unusual for any athlete, Rolle tried to convince fans that they should never boo Giants players.

What was the argument that he used? Here is the quote:
‘They want to make it that guys paid this much money for a ticket. Yeah, I understand that. I understand completely. (But) We risk ourselves out there in the field each and every day also. When soldiers come home from Iraq, you don’t boo them. I look at it the same way. I take my job seriously.’

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick stiff arms New York Giants Antrel Rolle who attempts a tackle during 4th quarter Philadelphia Eagles-New York Giants game action in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field November 21, 2010. Philadelphia defeated New York 27-17 giving them sole possession of first place in the NFC East. UPI/John Anderson Photo via Newscom

Well said, Antrel. A member of our military who risked his life to serve our nation is no different than a multimillionaire football player who risks his life for the money and the adulation and the groupies. I’m sort of surprised that the self-absorbed Rolle has heard about the Iraq War. Kudos to his university (which I always thought was referred to as ‘The U’ since Miami was just a little too difficult to spell) for teaching him all about foreign affairs.

The team apparently recognized that some of its fans may not take the comments in the manner in which they were provided, so they issued a written statement ‘clarifying’ his remarks. Whenever an athlete or an actor has a spokesman issue a ‘clarifying statement’, I pretty much always assume that the individual had nothing to do with it.

I usually am sympathetic to football players. Here are guys who, when they are 20 years old, may be among the most physically fit individuals in the country. But because of their job, the average age of death for them is in their 60s. Many of them have serious health problems from the time they retire until their premature deaths. I have always felt that their parents deserve most of the blame for their career decision. Many of them spent their formative years practicing their sport rather than studying. So they have few if any options other than to sacrifice their bodies and then spend the rest of their life spending the money they made during their few years of stardom.

They spend their careers surrounded by sports reporters who are only too willing to admire every bit of nonsense they utter, they have skanks willing to provide pleasures for them solely to add another notch on their bedpost, they believe that God cares enough about their physical feats that He enables them to intercept a pass. I had thought that nobody could possibly make a more silly remark than the player who dropped a pass, which made him question his belief in God earlier this week. Well, Anrel, you proved me wrong.