With the ribbon cut by First Lady Michelle Obama, new lodging for families of veterans being treated in the National Naval Medical Center opened its doors yesterday in Bethesda, VA. Get the full story, pictures and video below!

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The buildings are a part of the Fisher House Foundation, which serves to keep loved ones near to ailing veterans while critical treatment is undergone. The new project will house families for up to 60 military personnel under care at the facility.

“When our men and women in uniform are called to serve, their families serve, too. Their sacrifice is their families’ sacrifice as well,” said Michelle Obama.

New lodging for families of the critically ill will replace two older buildings set for demolition due to the merging of a nearby hospital with the Navy hospital. Providing free housing just seconds away from the hospital for the families of service personnel undergoing treatment, the Fisher House charity plays a vital part in aiding those who have fought for the United States.

“That is what Fisher House provides for so many military families — the chance to be together when they need each other most,” Mrs. Obama said.

Currently running 53 houses across the nation, the Fisher House Foundation is estimated to have served over 130 thousand families since its inception in 1991, saving them more than $150 million dollars in housing costs during a loved one’s treatment. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Foundation president David Coker says the new buildings are all the celebration they need.

“Instead of throwing a party, what better way than to celebrate these facilities that will have an impact on so many lives.” he said.

Recently, the foundation expanded it’s reach to helping families of personnel who have been killed in action. Opening its Fisher House for Families of the Fallen in early November, the Foundation hopes to provide financial relief for families who are going though funeral arrangements for their loved ones.
Opened personally by Michelle Obama, new lodging for military families is clearly an important point for the President and his wife. Give your support for the Fisher House Foundation and any thoughts you have on the issue in the comment section! And don’t miss the photos and video on the story below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Carrie Devorah