I ran across an interesting article entitled 50 Things Every Guy Should Know and I thought it would be fun to present it to the Right Pundits audience. Certainly these 50 will not be universally accepted as the be all end all to being a man. Maybe there’s more, maybe there’s some of these that shouldn’t even be included on this list. Thanks to Jay Tea at Wizbang for bringing this article to my attention. I mean, doesn’t every man want to know if he stacks up as a real man?

Here’s the original list of 50, you can check it out for the discussion. I’m picking ten off of the list with my commentary on why I think those particular actions make or don’t make you a man.

10. Throw a punch without looking like a sissy

I suppose this one kind of goes without saying. If you throw a punch and look like a sissy you’re probably going to find out in short order that you’re not that much of a man; at least in the physical sense. I know, I know. Winning a fight doesn’t make you a man, but neither does getting your butt kicked either.

9. Hook up the cable

This one like the first one is a matter of self preservation. You just simply have to have working cable or satellite on all of your televisions. Even if it means drilling holes in the floor, ruining your brand new carpet in your freshly built home, you have to do it. I know. I speak from experience.

8. Jump start a car

Somebody somewhere is going to ask you for a jump. What are you going to tell them? You don’t know how? That just won’t fly. It’s not real hard. Positive and negative. Black and red.

7. Build a fire

This one is primordial. Men like to burn stuff, even if it doesn’t really need to be burned. There’s nothing like standing over a fire that you’ve started yourself and drinking a brew with your brothers. Sure you can roast marshmallows or hot dogs, but the best fires are those that have no real purpose whatsoever. There’s something about sitting around a fire and contemplating the meaning of life.

6. Drive a manual car

If you can’t drive a stick you can’t call yourself a man. Period. Driving a manual car is the surest way to become one with the car. Without that you’re just a passenger. No self respecting man wants to be just a passenger.

5. Know how to navigate a road trip

I cannot, will not, ever buy a GPS. Ever.

4. Play Poker

You know last year I went on a business trip to Cincinnati and the guys wanted to play poker. We spent the first hour trying to explain to a couple of guys how to play, bet, call, raise, you get the idea. It was a downer.

3. Buy a gift for a woman

Once again self preservation. Need I say more?

2. Make your wife happy without giving in

It can be done.

1. Give in

If number 2 fails, see number 1.

The last two were my own. Now let’s hear your take on the 50 things every guys should know. If you think all of this manly talk is off putting just remember, you don’t want to be this guy.