As we are all aware, McDonald’s has once again decided to grace upon us a true epicurean delight, the McRib. We only get the opportunity to partake of this bounty every three years or so, but the wait is well worth it. The McRib is manufactured by combining various meat products, primarily pork, which is then shaped into a rib-like shape and is then combined with onions, pickles, and bbq sauce. Unfortunately, the McRib is scheduled to end its sojourn on December 5, so we should all be prepared for the end of this culinary feast.

MOSHAV AZARYA, ISRAEL - MARCH 23:  Geese wait for their midday feed where they are force-fed to enlarge their livers at Israeli farmer's Moshe Ben Ishti's small holding March 23, 2006 in Moshav Azarya in central Israel. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that force-feeding geese to produce foie gras (liver pate) is cruel and has banned its practice by the end of this month. Israel is the world?s 3rd largest foie gras producer and the ban will end the livelihood of some 600 families who breed, slaughter and market the birds.  (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Well, a fast food chain in France, Quick Burgers, has countered by providing consumers with an edible treat that should make the holiday season much more exciting for those lucky enough to make the trek across the pond – the fois gras burger. This sandwich is manufactured by combining fois gras, beef, lettuce, and relish and placing the mixture upon a bun. This interesting combination of foodstuff is available for purchase at the outrageously reasonable cost of 5 Euros, which is less than $7.

As we know, fois gras is a delicacy made by force feeding a goose with corn meal, and then, when the goose (or duck for those unconcerned with tradition) is harvested, fois gras is made from the liver component.

Luckily, air fares are amazingly cheap this year so anyone crossing the Atlantic Ocean should make sure to stop at one or more of the 350 Quck Burger locations.