Capitalists will always find a way. All you have to do to prove yourself an ingenious capitalist is to take a controversy and somehow use it to make money. It sounds nefarious but it’s actually quite brilliant; the creator of the Miss TSA Calendar would fall under that category.

PITTSBURGH - NOVEMBER 24: A female traveler submits to a full body scan before heading to her flight at Pittsburgh International Airport November 24, 2010. Lines at the airport TSA checkpoints proceeded swiftly despite increased travel during the Thanksgiving holiday. (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Okay, the calendar isn’t really the work of the TSA and has nothing to do with the agency, but you can play along right? According to Mediaite,the calendar is the work of a Japanese company which had originally made the calendar showing nothing but x-rays in high heels to promote a line of machines to doctors; like I said, ingenious.

The Miss TSA Calendar is a collection of pinup girls wearing high heels, not much else and striking several poses. If you are so inclined you can actually purchase the calendar for yourself for just a little over $100 bucks.

From the looks of the Miss TSA Calendar, I’m guessing the agents don’t get many of these kinds of pictures during the screenings. It would make their job a lot more tolerable I’m sure.