Mullah McCain proclaims the following to be must read material on other infidel blogs. Obey or risk pain of being ostracized from Great Satan Right Pundits, and maybe even tortured a little.

Our Angeleno friend has another piece on how to stop the amnesty bill. Angeleno Akbar!

Steve Verdon has the details of quarterback Michael Vick’s sick “dogman” obsession with dog fighting. OTB Akbar!

David has a review of Pirates of the Caribbean. Resurrection Song Akbar!

Richard Miniter interviews Adullah Rahman al-Shamary, a possibly missing link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Pajamas Media Akbar!

Jim Addison has the scoop on Cindy Sheehan’s blessed resignation from public loitering. Wizbang Akbar!

Alexandra von Maltzan has a thoughtful piece on demonization in politics, using the unpatriotic performance of Richard Durbin during a Guantanamo debate as example. All Things Beautiful Akbar!

David Wissing has more numbers to document Mitt Romney’s surge. Will anything stop the good ship Romney? Hedgehog Akbar!

Pat Santy has the most eloquent and moving Memorial Day tribute you will ever read. And read the poem that Joe posted while you are at it. Dr. Sanity Akbar!