Already under fire for his involvement in the leak of thousands of classified U.S. documents last week, WikiLeaks founder and CEO Julian Assange is now wanted by Interpol for rape charges in Sweden. Get the full story, plus pictures and video of this polarizing figure below!

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Initially drawing international attention after his site’s release of the infamous ‘Afghan War Diaries’ earlier this year, the WikiLeaks founder had been seeking to gain residency in Sweden before being hit with an arrest warrant. Now, his whereabouts unknown, the 39-year-old Australian is claiming via the internet that the charges are part of a conspiracy to silence him.

Meanwhile, U.S. lawyers working hand in hand with government agencies continue to search for a way to prosecute Julian Assange under the little-used Espionage Act of 1911.

“Under the Espionage Act, anyone who has ‘unauthorized possession to information relating to the national defense’ and has reason to believe it could harm the United States may be prosecuted if he publishes it or ‘willfully’ retains it when the government has demanded its return,” says Jeffrey Smith, a former CIA general counsel.

Still, it needs to be said that the Espionage Act has never been used successfully in silencing media organizations due to the far-reaching powers given by freedom-of-speech. Nontheless, most hold the opinion that at least one of the countries outed by the latest WikiLeaks release will find cause to prosecute the site founder.

But that’s not what’s worrying the WikiLeaks founder right now. Facing two charges of molestation and rape stemming from a visit to Sweden in August, the CEO is currently wanted by Interpol on behalf of Sweden. Assange has already appealed the charges, but it remains unclear if he will be able to avoid court if he comes out of hiding.

What do you think of Julian Assange? WikiLeaks’ latest release stepped on the toes of some of the world’s most powerful countries, not least the United States, and that’s not even considering his next target. Do you think there’s a chance the site founder is being silenced by the powers that be? Check out pictures and video below for more on the story, and then let me know what you think in the comment section!

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