I know that headline will make our leader, McCain happy. As if I am not in enough hot water for my lack of posts over the last 6 week weeks, the water is now officially boiling for me. And other random thoughts of the day.

What is going on with John McCain? It is one thing to have principles that differ from many within your party but McCain is going to extraordinary lengths to alienate the base. Coddling up to Teddy Kennedy is not going to garner any goodwill from likely primary voters. Rudy’s differences on social issues with the base of the party is well known. Rudy does not appear to be intentionally trying to upset the base unlike McCain. If McCain left the race, I doubt that any one candidate would benefit. The 3 main candidates, Romney, Giuliani and Thompson would probably get close to an equal percentage of his votes. At least we would not have to listen to the same jokes over and over again. McCain could then go back to playing the role of glory hound to the msm.

There is an awful lot of talk about Iowa. Certainly the candidates can not afford to completely ignore the caucus in this day and age of media hype. Bear in mind, however, that Bill Clinton received 3% of the vote in 1992, George H.W. Bush won the caucus in 1980 and uncommitted won the democratic caucus in 1976. Given the front loading of the primary season, with so many delegates at stake early on, Rudy and Hillary’s strategy of de-emphasizing Iowa may be correct.

The surge is not working. When September arrives, the report that we are all waiting for will paint a bleak picture of Iraq. Moderate Republicans will jump ship leaving the President in a completely isolated position. I do not believe that we should include withdrawal date in spending bills. That is just silly and lacks common sense. By September, the majority in the country may feel differently. Privately, the administration does need to pressure the Iraqi’s into gaining control of their country.

I have a funny feeling that the Shiites who control the Iraqi government are just waiting until they are fully trained so that they will know exactly how to wipe out the Sunni’s, Kurd’s and rival Shiite factions. Can someone depict a scenario that ends well for Iraq?

I love Memorial Day weekend and honor all of the men and women who have given their lives in defense of our liberty. Hopefully, we can all remember that as we are enjoying the sunshine and barbecue.

The Indy 500 is this Sunday. There are 3 smokin hot women in the race. This begs the question, are race car drivers really athletes?

A friendly message to all of the social conservatives who are pining for Fred Thompson, be careful what you wish for. The end result just may be President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Israeli’s should have taken care of Hezzbollah last year. It is no surprise that military actions have resumed. It can only get worse.

If you are like me, a geek, and love to play with the electoral map, then you should try the following site. It is the best I have found by far.


Have a great holiday weekend!