In the last couple of days, the Defense Department released some downright disturbing images and cartoons that teach junior jihadists how to torture captives. American soldiers discovered the gruesome “how-to” manual a few weeks ago during a raid on a terrorist safe house in Iraq.

The book is designed to be a reference guide and has some pretty straight forward and easy to follow instructions on the implementation of various interrogation and torture techniques.

In the book, the novice terrorist can learn how to drill hands, sever limbs, drag victims behind cars, remove eyes, put a blowtorch or iron to someone’s skin, suspend a person from a ceiling and electrocute them, break limbs and restrict breath and put someone’s head in a vice.

If you are a squeamish person, you may want to stop right here. For the rest of you, I have a few of the images that were in the torture handbook below the fold.

I posted this because I am just sick of hearing about how OUR government tortures detainees at places like Guantanamo Bay, and the various other detention facilities we have set up around the world.

It’s true that the enemy combatants that we have locked away don’t have some of life’s basic necessities like DVD players or scented deodorants and shampoos, but I am nearly 100 percent positive that they wont have their sorry hides melted off of their skeletons with a blowtorch either.

You can see all of the pics that the DOD released HERE.