I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I would (or even should) weigh in on ABC News’ decision to spill the beans about an alleged covert CIA plan to upset the national economy of Iran. If I were a “cup half full? sort of individual, I might think that (at minimum) the folks at ABC News used extremely poor judgment when they decided to run the story, but I’m not, and as far as I’m concerned the report should be considered an act of treason.

No matter what you think about the President, the Iraq war, or any of the other political issues that have our country divided at the moment, if you are an American, you should agree that the Brian Ross report claiming that President Bush had directed the CIA to carry out secret “non-lethal? operations against the government Iran amounted to nothing more than rendering aid to a sworn enemy of the United States.

ABC News’ President David Westin is defending his network’s decision to rat out the CIA by saying that ABC has changed or withheld stories in the past if the CIA “convincingly” says it could put lives or operations in jeopardy, and has placed the blame for this story airing squarely on the shoulders of the people at the CIA, saying that their news department contacted the CIA six days ago about Ross’ story, and they chose not to say anything about it.

I would like to say to David Westin that the CIA should NEVER be put in the position of having to confirm or deny ANY top secret operation at ANY time, and that no one at ABC should have even considered airing a story of like this. Furthermore, maybe the CIA should think about hauling your sorry ass off to some super-secret location and find out who let you guys in on the secret, if indeed there was a secret in the first place. I hear some of those terrorist types started balling like 9 year old school girls after about a minute on a water board. How long can you hold your breath big shot?