Moral relativism has come to its logical conclusion at the Cannes Film Festival with the introduction of “Zoo,” a sensitive movie about bestiality for the entire family. We have the “Zoo” video here so that you can compare the moral decline of our civilization with, say, the fall of the Roman Empire.

Zoo – Movie Trailer Video
Cannes Film Festival

The adulating critics say that “Zoo” is a beautifully-made, non-judgmental film about humans popping Mr. Ed in his horse’s ass. It has been all the rage among the open-minded film experts at Cannes this year, who have coined the term “mammal to mammal love.” Isn’t that sweet, Wilbur?

The “Zoo” documentary – in which really horny actors recreate bestiality scenes using interviews with some of the lonely men involved – centers on a real incident, in which a 45-year-old pervert died of internal hemorrhaging after being anally penetrated by an Arabian stallion during a bestiality weekend in the great state of Washington. It’s always the Arabs.

The “absence of judgment” was very important to the filmmakers, don’t you see. “In this film, there were things with much more importance to us than the sex aspect,” said freak Independent filmmaker Robinson Devor. “Zoo” shies away from prurient imagery, instead “enveloping the story in rich photography that gives it a dreamlike beauty overwhelming the sordidness of the subject matter.” In other words, it’s a movie about horse sex.

The absence of judgment “was a deliberate choice,” continues this moral relativist, one reinforced after he watched some of the actual videos the men had taken of their horse sessions – footage that doesn’t make it into the film, apart from the barest of glimpses at one point. Apparently he thinks we want more glimpses.

The men heard in the film are remarkably honest about their motivations. One of them argues “mammal to mammal” love should not be seen as wrong.

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