The popular TV show on TruTV dropped a bombshell as FEMA camps confirmed by Jesse Ventura on ‘Conspiracy Theory’ has been pulled off the air! The Ventura show on FEMA camps, entitled ‘Police State’, has been removed from TruTV’s list of upcoming programing. There has been talk about these on the Internet for years. Alex Jones of PrisonPlanet practically makes a living on them. He joined Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura on this past Friday’s show pointing out the existence of the bombshell FEMA camps. There’s no denying it any further. There are some 800 FEMA camps locations. But before you head for your bunker thinking that all are FEMA concentration camps in U.S., they do come in several flavors. Many are used simply to store material and equipment, such as mobile home units used during Katrina. The highlight of the program was Jesse Ventura confronting

WASHINGTON - MAY 29:  (AFP OUT) US President Barack Obama (R) and John Brennan, a National Security Advisor for Homeland Security, listen during a briefing at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) May 29, 2009 in Washington, DC.  President Obama spoke about hurricane preparedness.  (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

Now, I’ve been hearing about these FEMA camps for ages. I remember in the early 1990s listening to the late William Cooper discuss them on his shortwave radio program, ‘The Hour of the Time’. That show had one of the best intro’s ever, full of sirens and barking guard dogs as Cooper made like he was broadcasting from behind enemy lines. He would often air secret code phrases, like “John has a long mustache, ” similar to those used in WW2 by the French Resistance.

So the rumor mill about FEMA camps has been around for a long time, even before the popularity and widespread use of the Internet. What Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators on TruTV’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ did this past Friday was to separate some of the myths from the facts. But even the facts are scary enough!

For example, our friendly Federal government has established some 72 ‘Fusion Centers’ across the nation. These innocuous facilities are meant to combine and coordinate Federal, state and local agencies during times of threats and emergencies. But according to Mike German, a former FBI agent, there is no Federal oversight. He is currently working with the ACLU to obtain more information as to the purpose and function of these Fusion Centers.

Jesse Ventura set off on this adventure after speaking with Kathryn Blish, who was a Missouri delegate for Ron Paul at the 2008 National Republican Convention. It seems that her association with the Ron Paul campaign earned her a spot on a Federal government ‘watch list’ of potential troublemakers. You may recall a document originating from the Department of Homeland Security in January of 2009 detailing how people with anti-gun control or Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars were to be considered potentially dangerous to the Missouri State Police.

According to John Bush of ‘Operation Defuse’, a citizen watchdog organization, the Federal government is compiling a massive database on citizen activities and political associations. But who exactly is running these Fusion Centers? This is unclear, however, in a previous episode, Jesse Ventura uncovered a group known as Infra-Guard, made up of DHS, FBI and CIA that arranges for private corporations to gather and exchange intelligence on U.S. citizens. Could they be involved?

The biggest bombshell on FEMA camps aired on Jesse Ventura ‘Conspiracy Theories’ revolves around H.R. 645, the National Emergency Centers Act which does indeed authorize the construction of 800 FEMA camps across the country. Much of the ground work had been developed earlier under the plan REX-84, authored by none other than Oliver North when he served in the Reagan Administration. REX 84 was the Readiness Exercise 1984 to test the Federal government’s ‘Continuity of Government’ (CoG) plans. These would kick in in the event of an attack on the United States.

On September 11, 2001, the actions of the Federal government during the attack by Al Qaeda essentially followed the REX 84 plan. George W. Bush was flown around in a seemingly odd, haphazard way, from one military base to another. But, in fact, that was part of the plan. To keep the president moving in a outwardly random way to confuse the enemy. 9/11 did reveal a major flaw in our CoG plans, as most of Congress had nowhere to go. Earlier provisions for Congress to be moved to a CoG facility were scrapped in the late 1990s after their secret bunker under the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia was exposed.

The Ventura show on FEMA camps, entitled ‘Police State’, has been removed from TruTV’s list of upcoming programing. The bombshell FEMA Camps confirmed by Jesse Ventura on ‘Conspiracy Theory’ was when he actually knocked on the front door of one facility marked as a ‘Family Residential Camp’ in Texas. The facility looked like a prison, surrounded by a double-barbed wired fence. The fence had signs warning visitors not to bring residents materials that could be used for escape. There was even a playground for children with swing sets and slides. But the folks at the facility would not give Ventura much information, referring him to the DHS and ICE, the Immigration Criminal Enforcement agency. Alex Jones directed Ventura to another of the FEMA Camps locations where thousands of plastic ‘grave liners’ were being stored. Jones told Ventura each could be used as a coffin and hold four bodies in the event of a Mega-Death scenario, where a pandemic kills thousands suddenly. There is no doubt that whatever the situation, the FEMA camp story is again alive and well and full of mystery. One thing we do know is that the old REX 84 plans have been updated again as REX 2010.

WASHINGTON - MAY 4:  U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano speaks during a briefing at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) May 4, 2009 in Washington, DC. Napolitano updated the media on the latest development in the 2009 outbreak of the virus H1N1, otherwise known as swine flu.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

BURAS, LA - MAY 31:  Natalie Parker, 6, hold hers sister Savannah Riley, 9 months, outside their FEMA trailer May 31, 2008 in Buras, Louisiana. Parker's mother says she has developed asthma and other health issues since they moved into the trailer two years ago after their home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Doctors fear tens of thousands of children were exposed to dangerous levels of the cancer-causing agent formaldehyde in the post-Katrina FEMA trailers and could have lifelong illnesses. FEMA federal trailers that house many Hurricane Katrina victims were officially set to close May 31, prompting fears that people would be forced into residences they can't afford or will be left homeless. FEMA says they won't force out those that remain in the trailers today but hopes to have everyone out soon. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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