I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to beat on my favorite Democratic whipping boy, the too pretty to be a real man, Johhny “EZ Money” Edwards. This guy seems to step in more s**t than a zoo keeper, yet he manages to maintain his status as a top tier political candidate. I think that says a lot about the state of American politics, but on to the story.

Back in January of ’06 Johnny boy delivered a speech to about 1,787 kids at the University of California at Davis about how to avoid poverty. Being a man of unimpeachable character and having an overabundance of integrity, Edwards only charged the folks at UC Davis $55,000 (which happened to be the highest Edwards earned in any single appearance last year at colleges and universities) for sharing a few pearls of wisdom with the skulls full of mush in attendance.

Joe Martin, the public relations officer for UC Davis’ Mondavi Center, said the speech entitled, “Poverty, the Great Moral issue Facing America,” was worth every penny. I’m sure the parents footing the bill for their kids to go to Davis will be happy to hear that Mr. Martin was pleased with the performance, especially after getting that notice informing them that all of California’s public universities will pay a 7 percent increase in tuition next year.