Danny Glover is the latest un-American to find themselves in an awkward but loving embrace with Venezuelan socialist dictator to be Citgo Chavez. It’s been announced that the Venezuelan government will be bankrolling an upcoming flick that Glover plans to make about a slave uprising in Haiti. Chavez hopes that the film will strengthen his effort to mobilize world public opinion against imperialism and western oppression.

The Venezuelan congress said it would use the earnings from a recent bond sale with Argentina to finance Glover’s film, and will also give a little seed money for a film version of The General in His Labyrinth, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel about the last days of Simon Bolivar, who liberated much of South America from Spanish colonialism. Do you sense a trend here?

Glover, who is a fervent supporter of Chavez’s radical left wing policies, will receive $17.8 million (I’m assuming that’s in US dollars) from the Venezuelan “culture ministry�? for scripts, production costs, wardrobe, lighting, transport, makeup and the creation of the whole creative and administrative platform. Production assistance will also be given to the Glover project courtesy of Villa del Cine, a new government-funded studio located just outside Caracas.