Jimmy Carter, the Peanut Farmer and ex- President, was caught in a lie. Fortunately, the lie is caught on tape and was shown on the “Today” Show and Bill O’Reilly’s show (Michelle Maulkin as guest host.)

Yesterday, Carter allegedly called Bush the worst President ever (per AP, which incidentally got the full quote wrong.) Carter’s statement, however, dealt with foreign affairs and America’s dealings in the world today. Today, Carter said that he was “misquoted” and that the Arkansas Gazette got it wrong. It turns out the Editor for the Arkansas Gazette taped the interview and Carter was not misquoted.

I would not take Jimmy Carter seriously. After all, doesn’t he remember the following, which happened on “his watch”?: Afghanistan is invaded by the Soviet Union; Iran Islamic revolutionists rise to power and overthrow the Shah; and Carter gives away the Panama Canal. Lets not talk about his economic policies, which included 18% car loans, 20+% mortgage rates, and high inflation.

Of course Carter lied, but will the msm, such as PMS or CNN, even call him on this? Of course not!