Let them eat cake! Kansas State University professor of nutrition, Mark Haub, learned Twinkies can be healthy! Yes, the golden sponge cake with the creamy filling not only helped him lose 27 pounds in 2 months, but also lowered his cholesterol levels, too! Whether you call this the Twinkie Diet, the Junk Food Diet or the Convenience Store Diet is up to you. He began the experiment eating one Twinkie every three hours and charted his weight loss, proving that pure calorie counting does in fact work.

DES PLAINES, IL - APRIL 20:  A Hostess Twinkies box from the Interstate Bakeries Corporation facility is seen April 20, 2005 in Des Plaines, Illinois. The Twinkie, an American icon and one of the nation's all-time favorite snack cakes, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this month. James A. Dewar created the beloved treat in 1930, while working as a Hostess bakery manager in Chicago.  (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Prof. Haub began his experiment on August 25 of this year as a class project. Mark haub did not limit himself to merely Twinkies, but also ate other Hostess and Little Debbie cakes, Doritos, Oreos and sugary cereals. He limited himself to a total of 1800 calories worth of junk food per day. The end result was after two months, he had lost 27 pounds. His LDL, or ‘bad’ cholesterol level dropped 20 percent while his HDL or good cholesterol level increased by 20 percent. He even reduced his level of triglycerides by 39 percent, which means he has less harmful fat in his body.

Now, for a man of his age and body mass, Mark Haub would have had to eaten roughly 2,600 calories per day just to maintain his bogy weight. So reducing his caloric intake naturally led to his weight loss. But, of course, the point of the experiment proves that it does not matter what you eat, just how much.

I doubt if Mark Haub and his Twinkie Diet will get any seal of approval from First Lady Michelle Obama. Her campaign against childhood obesity is centered on schools banning snack food and dessert items altogether. The Kansas State University professor of nutrition has shown that just by pure calorie counting, even a convenience store diet based on only eating junk food can work to promote weight loss. By eating a Twinkie every three hours and limiting his caloric intake to 1800 calories per day, Mark Haub lost 27 pounds in two months and improved other health factors considerably. Stuff that in your cuisenaire, Michelle Obama!

SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 22:  Hostess Twinkies sit on a table September 22, 2004 in San Francisco. Interstate Bakeries Corp., the largest U.S. wholesale bakery, maker of Wonder bread and Hostess Twinkies, filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday after struggling with more than $1.3 billion in debt and weak demand for bread products amid the popularity of low-carbohydrate diets. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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