Could this be the end of Arizona Senator John McCain’s run as a Presidential Candidate? I thinks so – he’s definitely not having a good week. He exploded at Senator John Cornyn (Texas) over the immigration issue – dropping the “F-Bomb” and pretending that he knew more about this issue than anyone else. Funny thing Mr. McCain was gone for many months when “negotiations” heated up. What was he doing? Running for the President.

In a separate note – McCain now trails Mitt Romney by 12% in Iowa. Romney’s rise is due to his debate performances and his strong dissent on the latest “Amnesty Bill” aka “Leave no Illegal Behind Act.” I for one am fed up with Senator McCain. A real conservative would not support this bill. A real conservative would support tax cuts. A real conservative would not limit free speech a la McCain Feingold. A real conservative would not kiss up to Ted Kennedy and the Democrats at the expense of his own party.

Senator McCain – if I were you – I would make sure that you do not lose your seat in the Senate next time you run for re-election. Maybe, you can pretend that you were President too, or drop a few “F-Bombs” about how the Republicans stopped you from being President.