Election Day 2010 is finally upon us! Voting locations are numerous and confusing, so here’s an article to help you answer the question: Where do I vote? Find out and see pictures and video below!

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Get your America on this Election Day like this proud American! With huge issues such as healthcare and deficit spending looming overhead this election, it’s no wonder Americans are tired of the status quo. Even those who voted for change two years ago were hoping for quicker results than this. With such a tenuous balance of power at stake, every vote really does count in this election!

Here are some handy tools to find the best voting locations near you. But there’s no point in knowing where to vote if you don’t know when! For a handy detailed list on polling times in each state, go here.

Now that you know when to vote (hint: most states allow 12 hours between 7 AM and 7 PM), let’s find out where. Vote411.org is one of my favorite sites for basic voting information. On their front page, click on “Polling Place Finder” and type in your zip code to find locations near you! Also on this page you’ll find information about your local politicians and their platforms.

Beware, however, polling locations are often extremely busy and offer inadequate facilities. Expect to wait a while when you go to vote, but don’t worry, some employers are required to give time off for just that. Also, most polling facilities do not allow campaign paraphernalia to be worn inside, so while you may be excited about your candidate, the best thing to do is dress modestly. Finally, no matter what time polls close in your location, the general rule is that anyone in line at the time of closing will be able to cast their vote, but anyone arriving late will be barred.

You’ve got your voting locations, times, and rules. Now it’s time to get out there and cast your vote! Let me know who you’ll be voting for in the comment section, or share some more tips about visiting the polls. And don’t miss the pictures and video below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/PNP