Alaska’s KTVA is defending its reporters caught in a conspiracy to smear Joe Miller with scandalous news stories. Their defense? ‘While the recording is real, the allegations are untrue.’ It seems that yes, the reporters were discussing ways to smear the Republican candidate for Senate, but they were just discussing ‘what-if’ scenarios. You can hear the recorded conversation in the video below.

This media scandal broke when a cell phone wasn’t properly hung-up after a phone call and recorded the conversation of a group of reporters. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

You can hear the recording in question in the video above. The voices are thought to be those of KTVA news director Staci Feger and assignment editor Nick McDermott. They appear to be discussing creating a story about Joe Miller and distributing it, like say through Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and wouldn’t it be fun to say Miller got punched at the rally the two ‘reporters’ were planning on covering. You know, like what happened to Rand Paul in Kentucky.

But, KTVA says the audio doesn’t reflect their intentions. They were just discussing ‘what-if’ scenarios. Yeah. That makes a ton of sense. One has to wonder how much of this goes on considering that Joe Miller has had to spend an inordinate amount of his time combating bad press. And consider the press smears Christine O’Donnell has had to deal with. Conspiracy or biased reporting? You be the judge.

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In the video below, CBS affiliate KTVA defends their staff against allegations that they conspired to smear Joe Miller in their ‘caught on tape’ conversation that appears to have them planning scandalous stories to put out about Republican Joe Miller.