After President Barack Obama makes a final election push, he returns to the White House today after a 4-state campaign swing stumping for Democrats this weekend. With Election just two days away, the November 2010 mid terms will determine control of Congress. Ever since the election of Scott Brown, Democrats are fighting to control Capitol Hill. But is Obama having any positive affect?


obama campaign stump 2010
Obama’s Last Campaign Stump for 2010. Photo Credit: Judy Eddy/

If past elections, such as the special ones in Massachusetts or Virginia, have been any indication, the answer is ‘NO’! If anything, an endorsement by Obama has become a kiss of death to Democrat candidates. Many have been actively avoiding him. Some even have made commercials against Obama and his agenda, such as the one by Gov. Manchin of West Virginia, seen shooting the health care reform act with a hunting rifle.

Nobody with half a brain thinks the Democrats will hold on to the House of Representatives after Tuesday’s elections even with Obama’s final election push. While most experts agree that they will still control the Senate, since very few Democrat seats were up this cycle, there are scenarios where the may even lose that to the Republicans. Campaign races in Nevada, Washington and even Illinois are clearly becoming closer, with Republicans poised to win.

Polls in Delaware even show Christine O’Donnell narrowing the gap, cutting the lead by the Marxist Chris Coons in half from 20% to just 10%. Are these polls even right? Could there be a ‘reverse-Bradley-effect’ in play in Delaware, as people responding to pollsters are embarrassed to admit that they are voting for O’Donnell? If she should actually win in Delaware, then the Democrats are in serious trouble, nationwide.

The impact of Barack Obama and a final election push for Election day on this coming Tuesday has turned into a negative for Democrats. Control of Congress, losing at least the House on Capitol Hill, seems to be a foregone conclusion at this point. The White House has seen a steady erosion since the election of Scott Brown as voters demonstrate their rejection of the Obama agenda. This weekend’s campaign sweep by Obama may have sealed the deal for securing the House, and possibly the Senate, for Republicans. It could mean Democrats challenging Obama in the 2012 primaries.


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