The South, because so much of it is comfortably Republican, has fewer competitive races than the other regions of the country in this cycle. On the other hand, the ones that are still being contended have aroused enthusiasm and national attention.

Florida Senate – Three polls were released; each show Marco Rubio with a huge lead of between 17-20 points. So, we know a couple of things. First, we know that the race is over. Second, we know that Crist misjudged either his own popularity or the temperament of the voters in his state. I’d guess that his career in electoral politics is over.

Texas Governor – Republican incumbent Governor Rick Perry has held a lead over Democrat Bill White throughout the campaign. In the last week or so he has expanded to 12 points, according to the Dallas Morning News poll. I feel sort of badly for White; my guess is that he figured that he would be too old in 4 years to run for statewide office, when the demographics of the state would be more favorable, so he took his shot this year.

Kentucky Senate – This contest to a lot of us (more specifically, me) is the big enchilada this year. Until recently, Rand Paul had held a small but steady lead over his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway. Then came Conway’s Aqua Buddha ad and Paul’s effective response. Conway is now toast, perhaps having tarnished his entire career with one stupid ad. Paul’s lead, according to three polls today, is close to `0 points.