With so many polls coming in each day as we get close to the midterm elections, let’s concentrate on the races that are still up for grabs in this region.

California Governor – Around Labor Day, Whitman, the GOP candidate, had a small but steady lead. It faded away and Brown began surging. In the last few days, his momentum appears to have stopped. According to a Rasmussen poll out today, his lead has gone down to 4%.

California Senate – The problem with analyzing this race is that neither candidate has provided many reasons to her supporters to actually get off their chair and vote. So, every bit of bad news moves the polls a lot. Well, in today’s polls by CNN and Rasmussen, Boxer’s lead over Fiorina has shrunk to 3 points. This is a decline of 2 or 3 points from previous surveys conducted by each of the firms.

Colorado Governor – Two polls were revealed today in this race. In both of these, Hickenlooper, the Democrat, has seen his lead shrinking. The problem for him is not that his supporters are moving away, it is that Republicans have given up on their party candidate, and instead are moving to Tom Tancredo, the independent candidate. According to McClatchy, the Democrat’s lead is down to 4 points; according to Rasmussen, it has fallen to 5%

Colorado Senate – Buck, the Republican, has seen his lead growing for the last few weeks. According to today’s poll by McClatchy, this trend is continuing, with his lead expanding to 4 points over the incumbent Democrat, Bennet.

Nevada Senate – Early in October, Sharron Angle caught the Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid. All month long, she has been maintaining this advantage. The Mason-Dixon poll today shows that this trend is continuing, with her lead expanding to 4 points.

Washington Senate – This race pits two of the better candidates matching up against one another. Two polls were released today showing that the race remains very close and will probably depend upon each party’s ability to get out the vote. According to a SurveyUSA survey, the election is tied, a slight increase for Rossi; according to a poll conducted by the Washington Poll, Rossi has moved ahead by 6 points. A McClatchy poll today gives Murray a 1 point edge. This remains a tossup.