At this hour a breaking terrorist plot is emerging all over the world. UPS planes have been grounded in the United States after several flights were found with suspicious devices in them. The flights originated from Yemen which has prompted more travel warnings today. President Barack Obama’s speech was carried live on all the network channels and we will had a live internet feed as well below.

The devices appear to be altered packages of computer printer toner cartridges. Reports are that wires were protruding from them and they contained a white powder substance which has yet to be tested. The substance may be anthrax or another chemical attack weapon, or it may be a harmless dry run by terrorists. We will update this story later with details as they are learned, meanwhile turn on your television sets if the UPS terrorist threat worries you.

The packages were addressed to synagogues and Jewish organizations in the city of Chicago from addresses in Yemen. Synagogues and churches around the country are warned not to accept unsolicited packages from addresses located east of the U.S. Common sense dictates that nobody should accept an unsolicited package from Yemen no matter where you are today, especially if that package is carried by UPS. Profiling is common sense.

Both United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx have embargoed all shipments originating from Yemen no matter what stops occurred in their journey to the U.S. Some of the UPS flights came through London. Authorities are following all packages that have already landed and are located on ground carriers. As one example, a truck was stopped on the Brooklyn bridge because a delivery from Yemen was about to occur.

If you have already received an unexpected package from Yemen or anywhere in the Middle East, it is advisable to contact the local police or FBI.

Additionally a United Arab Emirates passenger flight has been diverted with a military escort. The plane landed in New York’s JFK airport and is now sequestered on the runway. At the same time a domestic airplane flight, Delta Flight 4375 loaded with passengers, was ordered to land in Fargo, North Dakota because of suspicious passengers and activity in the bathrooms. That plane was scheduled from Minneapolis to Grand Forks.

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U.S. intelligence officials warned last month that there is a credible threat of terrorism before the U.S. midterm election which is why the security level has been elevated at U.S. facilities around the world. A September 23, 2010 warming was issued by the Department of Homeland Security which read, in part, that credible information exists that terrorists are interested in carrying out an attack on the United States using the mail systems.

Travel warnings for Yemen have been in place since October 15th, while Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire were added to this list within the past week.

Here is the video speech of Obama’s address to the nation on the Yemeni terrorism threat.

Obama Speech on UPS Terrorist Plot, Yemen (Video)