In the last few election cycles, there was not much excitement in the northeastern part of the country. The Democrats continued to expand until most of the House and Senate seats and many of the Governor’s seats were under their control. This election appears to be a signal of the end to that momentum, and perhaps at least a short-term directional change in congressional seats from this region.

This morning (and late last evening) a number of polls have been released in this region of the country.

First, in the Massachusetts governor’s election, Suffolk News released a poll showing the incumbent Democratic governor, Deval Patrick, has a 7 point lead over his Republican challenger, Charles Baker. This result is consistent with previous polling conducted by this firm since Labor Day. Suffolk News model appears to be slightly more Democratic than other that of other firms, so his lead, in actuality, may be slightly less than this.

Also in New England, in the Maine gubernatorial contest, the Republican, Paul LePage has maintained a double-digit lead over both the Democrat (Libby Mitchell) and the Independent (Eliot Cutler) candidates. With this large a lead so close to Election Day, this one seems to be over.

In the Connecticut Senate contest, the Democrat, Richard Blumenthal, has seen his lead expand greatly since Labor Day over Linda McMahon, the Republican. This increase may have stopped as a poll released by the Connecticut Capitol Report shows his lead at 8 points, about the same as what the firm found last month. Still, this is a pretty big lead this late in the campaign.

In the Rhode Island Governor’s race, John Chafee, the Republican turned Independent, seems to have overtaken the Democrat, Frank Caprio, whose campaign appears to be cratering after belittling Obama. This apparent misstep has reduced Caprio’s support while moving undecided to Chafee. The Republican, John Robitaille, has moved into second place in the recent poll, conducted by NBC. According to this survey, Chafee now has a 7 point lead.

Finally, Pennsylvania has both a competitive governor’s election and Senate contest. For governor, Tom Corbett’s lead has solidified according to a Morning Call poll. Also, importantly, he has gone above 50% in polling. This race seems to be over now. In a much closer contest, for the Senate seat being now held by Arlen Spector, the same firm released a poll showing that Republican Pat Toomey has a 5 point lead over Joe Sestak, the Democrat. This is a pretty tenuous lead in the Keystone State, assuming that labor unions are able to deliver turnout in this midterm election.