Gawker Media is probably regretting publication of a Christine O’Donnell sex story by an anonymous source who they paid for the story although publisher Nick Denton is still defending it. Meanwhile new reports suggest that the Christine O’Donnell one night stand kiss and teller may be a 28-year old man named Dustin Dominiak, while earlier reports speculated on his friend, Brad Kurisko, who lived with him at the time. Read more below about this tangled web.

Christine O Donnell Gawker

It is beyond the scope of this journalist to muster the English words to capture all the problems with the original Gawker article. The story begins breathlessly by proclaiming a Christine O’Donnell one night stand by an anonymous writer. The writer narrates in excruciating detail what she and her friend were wearing when she showed up “uninvited” at his door, precisely how many drinks they consumed in different locations (yes, the guy seems fixated on booze) including the shocking revelation that beer was consumed on His Couch, an apparently horrifying lack of bikini waxing, one too many remarks about her ladybug Halloween costume, and droning on and on endlessly more.

In the end we arrive at the climax except in this case we finally learn they did not have sex after all. Christine O’Donnell merely slept over in “his bed,” which is apparently a startling revelation for Gawker editors worthy of nationwide interest. It is a yawnful waste of reading time, but the misleading title and lead in are the least of the problem with the Gawker Christine O’Donnell article.

You can read the full article here but once you get past the title “I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell” it is a slow motion train wreck from beginning to end.

Is this news? No, obviously it’s just a bit of yellow journalism which all news sites seeking readers will do from time time. But normally there is some element of truth to online publishing where the writers then have greater liberty to embellish than major newsrooms. But this Christine O’Donnell sex smear stands naked on the face as unprovable, certainly uneventful, and an entirely partisan smear.

And then there is the angry tone. The author sounds vindictive and mean-spirited who the reader feels has lost his way in life. Everyone knows that boys don’t kiss and tell, and here we have this clod barking as if he is a Philadelphia Phillies fan heckling the San Francisco Giant’s right fielder. As readers we become simultaneously angry about his callous disparagement of women and sorry for whatever is torturing his psyche.

You can read an avalanche of reactions to the Christine O’Donnell one night stand claims here and here and satirically here.

So who is this fellow who wrote it? That is a less interesting question than why Gawker published the nonsense, but this site is strongly insinuating that the culprit might be named Dustin Dominiak. He is the friend of Brad Kurisko of Philadelphia, PA, who this writer thought was the evil doer earlier today. His photo is there, and anyone will agree this fat-headed fellow does not rate a Christine O’Donnell one night stand even if she is prone to such sinful pleasures. The two friends shared an apartment in Philadelphia three years ago.

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