Here is the latest news in the growing public fears of a massive Nevada election scandal brewing. Claims of vote rigging for Harry Reid are running amok while the Secretary of State in Nevada, Ross Miller, himself a partisan Democrat is seemingly glossing over the possible election fraud. There is an outcry forming, premature I think, that Harry Reid and his Democrat cronies in Nevada are stealing the election from Sharron Angle in 2010. Watch the video report and follow the news links below.

Nevada election fraud

Everyone knows by now the claims of election fraud that surfaced earlier this week when early voting began in the state. Among other complaints, people claim tampering with the voting machines is automatically recording votes for Harry Reid. Read the news stories here and here and here.

You can watch the video below of a credible senior citizen explaining what she discovered happening in her voting booth and decide for yourself.

And how is Secretary of State Ross Miller investigating the complaints? Miller is a life-long partisan Democrat operative in the state, the legacy son of former Democratic governor Bob Miller. He interned in the Clinton White House after obtaining a law degree from Loyola Marymount University. At age 30 he is also the youngest Secretary of State in Nevada’s history and apparently in way over his head.

None of that would matter if he would only take an active role in voter fraud claims by Republicans, but instead Miller appears to be hiding behind his own bureaucracy.

Despite these widespread reports in the news about Nevada voting machines miraculously selecting Harry Reid’s name in a case of divine intervention, Miller’s response to the explosive Nevada election fraud allegations is that nobody bothered to file a formal complaint with the election’s division so he is not going to investigate it! He seems offended that a resident would instead take her case to the news media. Miller knows, of course, that pretty much nobody knows how to file election fraud complaints in a state. The voters are doing the natural thing by talking to the media.

What he should do instead of making excuses is talk with the citizens who reported the election vote tampering without filling out his silly form. One of the voters is named Joyce Ferrara. Both her and her husband saw votes automatically cast for Harry Reid when they attempted to vote for Sharron Angle, and they claim the same thing happened to others standing in line during early voting. He should talk with everyone who voted at that precinct on October 27th and make their statement public.

To make matters worse, Miller misstated the ability of voting machines to be rigged for Harry Reid:

Miller said it is “technically impossible” for someone to pre-program software in Nevada’s voting machines because it is not a centralized process. The election is carried out by the 17 county election officials, he said.

This has been a meme uttered around the country by politicians who don’t understand computer programming or want to mislead the public about it. Software runs the voting machines in Nevada just like they run electronic voting machines everywhere. It may very well be that local election officials enter the candidate names into the precinct’s program, but that does not mean the program will play fair with each name. And in this case, the technicians working on these machines have been revealed by The Washington Examiner to be SEIU members, a union group that donates millions of dollars to Democrats.

To make matters worse, Rory Reid is the Clarke County Commissioner where the vote stealing allegations took place. He happens to be Harry Reid’s son, another Democrat running far behind the Republican for governor in Nevada. Meanwhile, the Registrar of Voters for Clarke County, yet another Democrat named Larry Lomax, is attemping to dissuade the avalanche of public concern about voter fraud allegations. “I am absolutely confident the machines are functioning as intended,” quoth Lomax. But he too did not bother talking with the voters who saw machines cast votes for Reid.

So in the Nevada election, the foxes are investigating the hen house so nobody can really be confident what is happening in the state. What is sure is there are serious allegation of vote tampering in Nevada occurring on behalf of powerful Senator Harry Reid. It would be a shame if these claims are getting brushed over by partisan Democrats in the state who are responsible for investigating claims of voter fraud, tampering and vote stealing.

Curious as to reader comments or similar experiences after viewing the video report.