I guess its time to scrape off those Republican bumper stickers that are on the back glasses of our vehicles, and probably donate those RNC and GOP T-shirts to the Salvation Army. Maybe over time my friends, family, and neighbors will just forget that I’m was ever of “them�?, but then again, it’s not very likely to happen any time soon. Maybe I should have listened to my wife when she suggested that posing with the life size cardboard cut out of the President for the picture on our Christmas cards the last couple of years was a bad idea.

Ronald Reagan spoke about the “big tent�? that the Republican Party operates under, but I don’t think he ever envisioned that the tent would turn out to be the home of a political circus, or that the clowns within the party would eventually be running the show. I’m sure that he would be extremely disappointed that we have let our party devolve into its current state. In my opinion, its an organizational shipwreck.

As the political situation continues to deteriorate on “The Hill�?, I am one of many registered Republicans that have decided to withhold any and all support (financial or otherwise) the RNC this year. In fact, between now and the Arkansas primary I might decide to totally defect and re-register as an Independent and simply put the years I spent officially affiliated with the Republican Party behind me. Its not something that I want to do, but I am beginning to fell like I have to do it.