President Barack Obama appeared with Jon Stewart on his ‘The Daily Show’ yesterday. Obama went serious as he tried to defend his administration and agenda. Jon Stewart and fellow Comedy Central host, Stephen Colbert, will be holding a ‘Rally to Restore Sanity; this coming Saturday on The Mall at Washington DC. So how did Obama do on a faux news show hosting a faux political rally this weekend? Well…

U.S. President Barack Obama chats with Daily Show host Jon Stewart during a commercial break in taping in Washington on October 27, 2010.  UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg Photo via Newscom

Needless to say, Obama had a rough time. It’s bad enough that Obama is afraid to appear on a REAL news program, like ‘Fox News Sunday’ and face a REAL journalist like Chris Wallace asking REAL questions. But even Jon Stewart, pretending to be a journalist while hosting a pretend news show grilled Obama hard. Which just goes to show how badly Obama has done since taking office.

Perhaps the most interesting exchange was when Stewart raised the issue of Obama hiring Larry Summers as an economic adviser. Obama seemed stumped for an answer. I guess he was not allowed to use a teleprompter. All in all, Obama said absolutely nothing new. Stewart really didn’t ask anything new, either.

If you really wanted to see something interesting, check out the article linked below about the possibility that Obama may not complete his only term as president due to being mentally ill. There have been many rumors floating about since his was elected about foreign intelligence services doing psychological profiles on Obama, and all of them pointing in the same direction. That Obama has some serious emotional and psychological issues.

But don’t waste your time bothering about Barack Obama on ‘The Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart. The ‘interview’ was extremely dull, even by Obama standards. I suppose I’m growing used to Obama talking like Yogi Bear. Speaking of dull and boring, be sure and remember to ignore bothering with the Rally to Restore Sanity hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert this Saturday. It won’t be very interesting, either.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks with Jon Stewart during a break in the taping of an interview for the Daily Show in Washington, October 27, 2010.   REUTERS/Jim Young   (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT)

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