With the election less than a week away, I thought I’d look at some of the polls for important races that have been released recently. This morning, polls have thus far been released for the Florida Senate and Governor elections; as well, a generic congressional poll was published.

In Florida, for Senate, the newest Quinnipiac Poll has Rubio ahead of Crist by 7 points (42-35) with Meek continuing to trail badly. As far as Marco Rubio, this is similar to results from other surveys that have been taken in the last few weeks, with the Republican nominee in the low to mid-40’s. Charlie Crist, the state’s governor, has seen his political fortunes fading in the last few weeks; this poll shows a slight uptick in his popularity. Kendrick Meek, the Democrat, remains a non-factor in the Senator’s race.

In a poll of the Sunshine State’s Governor’s race by the same firm, Alex Sink, the Democrat, has a slight edge over her Republican opponent, Rick Scott, 45% to 41%. This is an improvement for her over other results from the last few weeks. If this is accurate, it explains why, when Washington politicians were leaking that Meek would be leaving the Senate race to help Crist, Florida politicians balked at the premise. Without the voters he will bring to the polls in that contest, Sink’s chances would be negligible, and most state politicians as well as political scientists find holding a statehouse much more important politically than any one senate seat, especially given the filibuster in the Senate.

Also today, Bloomberg released a generic Congressional ballot that shows the Republicans with a 3 point lead over their opponents. Compared to the polling conducted by the same firm a few weeks ago, this poll reveals an improvement in the Republican fortunes. The importance of a generic poll such as this is because most voters do not know who they are voting for when they cast their ballot for Congress. Thus, in midterm elections, a vote for Congress is based upon which political party in general people want to control the legislative branch of government.

More polls will be released throughout the day in these and other important elections. As they do, we’ll let you know and provide some analysis of them.