A new brand of smokes being sold in the southern U.S. has caught the attention of the Obama administration. Bama Cigarettes, created by Rob Klotzback, have a distinctive design which looks eerily like the President’s name. I’m sure our nation’s leader does not approve. Get the full story, and see pictures and video below!

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Sold in five states including Florida, some think Klotzback’s smokes infringe upon the President, but the businessman says he’s doing nothing illegal. The “O” around the brand name is just a flavor circle, he insists. Decide for yourself by checking out the brand in the video at the bottom of the page.

“It’s edgy,” said Rob Klotzback, one of the brand’s creators. “It’s easy to remember, the packaging is pretty attractive and it’s a good smoke.”

For President Obama, the Bama Cigarettes just serve to point out his continued struggles with the nasty habit. Most would agree that Klotzback’s product wouldn’t sell so well if named after a person who quit smoking.

Michelle Obama’s one condition for her husband’s running for President was that he quit smoking. A checkup in March showed the nation’s leader was still using nicotine gum which suggests he’s still fighting the urge to light up; but who can blame the man working America’s most stressful job?

Still, Klotzback is not worried about getting in trouble for his brand name. While the logo may resemble the President’s name, it’s not enough to cause him trouble.

“Every brand that gets trademarked, you file with the FTC, which is in Washington. They get a copy of the picture of the packaging and the brand name,” Klotzback told WESH 2 News.

What do you think of this businessman’s product? Are Bama Cigarettes an unfair use of the President’s name, or just good marketing? Let me know in the comment section after you see the product for yourself in the video below!

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