Saddam Hussein’s former Foreign Minister, Tariq Aziz, was sentenced today in a Baghdad court to death by hanging. Aziz was convicted on charges of aiding in the killing and persecution of Shi’ite leaders, such as the current prime minister, Nouri al-Malki. The conviction carries a sentence of capital punishment. So, Tariq Aziz will now face the gallows just as his former boss, Saddam Hussein, did.

388834 01: Iraqi Deputy Prime minister Tariq Aziz leaves the Arab Popular Forces conference May 5, 2001 in Baghdad, Iraq. Aziz told reporters that the United States and Great Britain were behind the impasse in Iraq's ties with the United Nations. (Photo by Karim Mohsen/Newsmakers)

Tariq Aziz was sentenced yesterday and will be joined to a ‘neck-tie-party’ by two other former Ba’athist players, Iraq’s former Interior Minister Sadoun Shakir and Saddam Hussein’s personal secretary, Abed Hamoud. This is not Aziz’s first conviction or sentencing. He was already convicted of executing 42 merchants in 1992 and has been serving a 15-year sentence for that crime. Another conviction on the atrocities committed against the Kurds earned Aziz an additional 7 years in prison.

Aziz, now 74, will be joining Saddam Hussein in the hereafter shortly. He had been one of Hussein’s closest and most trusted henchmen. Tariq Aziz carried out his role as Foreign Minister with great zeal and bravado. He shamelessly appeared often on TV and was frequently interviewed by the media. Aziz made numerous trips abroad to promote Iraq, including appearances at the United Nations to protest against embargoes and threats due to Iraq’s actions, such as invading Kuwait.

There is no word as of yet when Tariq Aziz will be hanged. Aziz surrendered to American forces in 2003 after Baghdad fell. His boss, Saddam Hussein, was captured later that year, hiding deep inside a hole in the ground. Hussein has hung two months after his convictions by an Iraqi court in 2006. Earlier this year, Tariq Aziz was moved to an American medical facility after suffering a blood clot to his brain. Aziz was the ‘Eight of Spades’, No. 43 in the infamous ‘Iraq’s Most Wanted’ deck of playing cards. His sentence for trying to kill members of Nouri al-Malki’s Shi’ite political party adds him to the list of Saddam Hussein’s ‘neck-tie-club’.

393984 01: Iraqi president Saddam Hussein (2nd R) listens to Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz as they look at a model of the al -Amiria shelter September 3, 2001 in Baghdad. The shelter was hit by two air-to-surface missiles during the 1991 Gulf war, and more than 400 of its occupants were killed. (Photo by INA/Getty Images)BAGHDAD, IRAQ - DECEMBER 14:  Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister, Tareq Aziz, speaks during a poetry festival December 14, 2002 in Baghdad, Iraq. Aziz stated that Iraq accuses the U.S. and Israel of planning its destruction behind a smokescreen of accusations over weapons of mass destruction.  (Photo by Salah Malkawi/Getty Images)

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