With just a week to go in New York’s Governor race, voters learned a vital agenda of favorite Andrew Cuomo. Medical marijuana was slated as a bad idea in the same class as prostitution by the outgoing NY Attorney General, and won’t be legalized during his watch. Get the full story, photos and video below!

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Whether or not this opinion is popular in the democratic state, most think it won’t be enough to affect the election. Republican Carl Paladino’s anti-gay remarks earlier in the campaigns effectively nixed any serious chance that the GOP candidate had of closing the gap in the polls.

Contrary to the opinion of Andrew Cuomo, medical marijuana legalization is enjoying a growing base of support in the Empire State. California legalized the drug for medicinal use in 1996, and more than a dozen states have followed since. Legalizing the drug would boost state revenues in a time where tight budgets wreaking havoc with lawmakers.

“The dangers of medical marijuana outweigh the benefits,” said the outgoing AG, who has admitted using marijuana in his youth. “A lot of things could raise revenues. Legalizing prostitution could raise revenues. I’m against that, too.”

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found that, if held today, 37% of voters would elect Paladino, and 51% would support their outgoing Attorney General. Not a pretty picture for the Republican candidate. Still, Paladino is by no means calling it quits. In a recent attack on his opponent, Paladino highlighted Cuomo’s role in contributing to the still-looming housing crisis. The democrat served for four years as the Federal Housing Secretary under Bill Clinton, where one employee recently told the Wall Street Journal that his decisions “were pretty near disastrous.”

“Cuomo thinks he can lie about his miserable stewardship of HUD and the voters will buy it,” Paladino’s spokesman said Sunday. “Cuomo really messed the bed at HUD and lit the fuse on the sub-prime mortgage meltdown that cost taxpayers trillions.”

What do you think of the recent revelation by Andrew Cuomo? Medical marijuana, if properly monitored, is generally supported by the healthcare community. Will his stonewalling stance against the drug affect the elections? Let me know what you think in the comment section! And don’t miss the pictures and video on the story below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Ivan Nikolov, Anthony G. Moore