In an interview yesterday on Aaron Klein’s radio program on WABC, Mike Huckabee berated the Republican establishment for reacting dismissively to Christine O’Donnell, the Republican candidate for senate from Delaware. He thus joined a growing group of conservatives, including Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, decrying the country club attitude among the party’s conventional leaders. Huckabee attacked Karl Rove, a fellow Fox commentator, by name for his comments following the Delaware primary An audio tape of the program is at the end of this piece.


ST. PAUL, MN - SEPTEMBER 03:  Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee walks on stage during day three of the Republican National Convention (RNC) at the Xcel Energy Center on September 3, 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The GOP will nominate U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as the Republican choice for U.S. President on the last day of the convention.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, said that “…there is an elitism within the Republican establishment and it is one of the reasons the Republicans have not been able to solidify not only the tea party movement but solidify conservatives across America.” He then elaborated that, much as country clubs decide that there are some who are not wanted as members, the establishment believes that some primary winners were considered unacceptable. As he explained, the party leadership doesn’t mind these people working for them, but don’t want them to run for office themselves. They only want candidates who went to the right colleges and belong to the same clubs as them.

As we recall, in 2008, Huckabee was a Republican candidate for president. He was attacked incessantly by Wall Street funded groups who favored Mitt Romney instead. The rationale for the ferocity of the campaign by CFG and their allies was that Huckabee, as governor of Arkansas, had the audacity to raise some taxes to balance the state budget. The free lunch branch of the party detested Huckabee for that action.

Here is a tape of the interview on WABC.